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Eric Penz releases Author's Edition of his debut thriller, Cryptid 

Uncover the secret evidence of Sasquatch within Lewis and Clark's lost journals in Eric Penz's Cryptid, a cryptofiction award-winning novel. Two centuries in the making, Cryptid is the final chapter of the Lewis & Clark story. As with any good tale, the best secrets have been kept until the end.

Something haunts the woods of Olympic National Park, a nightmare in hiding. Its existence has been kept secret by a conspiracy that stretches back to President Thomas Jefferson and the Lewis & Clark expedition. The truth that we have not been alone on this earth would have forever been lost except that some species just won’t die.

Dr. Samantha Russell has spent her career seeking for truth in the only way she knows how, on her hands and knees, painstakingly digging it up from the crust of the earth. When the truth arrives by way of FedEx, she cannot help but see it as nothing more than another scientific hoax, especially considering the source. Dr. Jon Ostman has practically been excommunicated by the scientific community for his interest in such subjects as the American Sasquatch.

Suffering from her father's tragic sense of curiosity, though, Sam can't resist the question begged by the bones contained in the wooden crate. How could they be bones and not fossils since Gigantopithecus had been extinct for 125,000 years?

Driven to know the answer, Sam delays going to her father on his deathbed and instead pursues Jon to a remote corner of Washington state where he is about to make the greatest discovery involving the origins of the human species, a discovery Lewis and Clark may have already made two hundred years earlier. However, Sam is not the only one pursuing Jon, for one of our nation's first secrets is still being kept by all means necessary.

And if they do survive the centuries-old conspiracy, they will not only rewrite American history, but they will prove that we are not the only intelligent, bipedal primate to survive extinction.


Opening Lines

Silent hooves churned through the road's fresh mud. Steaming breath came slowly from his horse's nostrils with each stride. His own breath, too, formed and faded, formed and faded in the sharp morning air. The bits of mud spraying up all about them hung as if weightless in that same malevolent, unmoving air.  Read more...


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Eric Penz

He earned an environmental biology degree from Eastern Washington University in 1995. Soon after he completed a literary program in commercial fiction at the University of Washington. He is also an alumni of The Film School. In 2012 he sold his insurance agency to begin a financial advisor practice and focus on his writing.  Read full bio...