Eric Penz

Born: Boise, Idaho
Lives: Sammamish, Washington

Like any normal person, I am a bit schizophrenic. I have two personalities. One craves outdoor adventure. This half of me is responsible for my garage being full of cycling, mountaineering, skiing, kayaking and SCUBA gear. All well used. A perfect day is filled exercising as much of this gear as possible. Maybe hitting a favorite single track on my mountain bike in the morning and skinning up a craggy Cascade peak on my backcountry skis in the afternoon, then pointing my tips downhill and pounding fresh powder all the way to the truck. Or maybe start the day with a run in my kayak on one of the many local rivers before catching white-line fever on my road bike, chasing the sun over the horizon.

Watching the sun drop below that misty horizon, though, is what feeds my other half. The half that wonders what might lie just beyond. The world map may no longer have empty, unexplored space within its borders, no terra incognito, but that does not mean the human experience is void of mystery and adventure. Quite the contrary. There is one realm we each have access to that will never be fully explored, fully known, or fully mapped. One place that stretches limitless into infinity, rich with mystery and unending adventure. And the imagination of the storyteller is the magic that transports us over that unreachable horizon to a spot on the map that cannot otherwise be reached. That magical place is Story. As much as I am an outdoor adventurer, I am a storyteller. For me they are each seekers of the same. A glimpse of what lies just beyond that shimmering, elusive horizon.

Within the pages of this site my two personalities collide, fusing into one whole, one complete self, as they may not otherwise be able. For this space represents my personal studio. A refection of the workshop in my mind where I create according to the craft. It is the craft of storytelling that binds my halves into a whole. Though I believe the craft is singular, that all storytellers adhere to the same method in the end, I also believe each craftsman goes about the process with their own flare. It is my intent then that these pages reflect my own flare.

With that introduction then, I am Eric Penz. Author, reader, and pursuer of what lies just beyond the horizon.

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Eric Penz

He earned an environmental biology degree from Eastern Washington University in 1995. Soon after he completed a literary program in commercial fiction at the University of Washington. He is also an alumni of The Film School. In 2012 he sold his insurance agency to begin a financial advisor practice and focus on his writing.  Read full bio...