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A Weekend with My Muse

Posted by Eric Penz

Sep 29, 2014 8:49:21 AM

When is the last time you spent a weekend with your muse?

I've written before about identifying where a writer's muse lives. For many authors, like myself, their muse is tied to a physical location(s). In order for them to really slip into that mental space where the words just flow they need to first slip into a physical space which inspires them.

For me, that physical space is related to the outdoors, to wild spaces. This past weekend I decided to spend a weekend with my muse and head out to Stehekin, WA. If ever there was a place where the muse lives, it is Stehekin.


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How to Produce Your Own Audiobook

Posted by Eric Penz

Sep 1, 2014 3:26:53 PM

The Age of Audio Books is Here

When is the last time you read a good novel? It's been a few years for me. However I just listened to a good novel last week. In fact, I listen to several good novels a month. While I'm stuck in traffic, road tripping with my family, on a long run, or just chilling in bed. And a good novel otherwise that is narrated by an engaging narrator easily becomes a great novel. For the many readers who have become listeners, the age of the audio book has come of age. But how about us authors?

Producing your own work as an audio edition has historically been very expensive, time consuming, and required navigating a nichey marketplace of studios, narrators and distributors. That has all changed, however, largely due to the new world of music consumption brought about by iTunes.

Any novel can now be produced for far less than you might think and in far less time. And the marketplace for doing so couldn't be easier to work in. Nearly as easy as selling a used bike on Craigslist.


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A Thrilling Point of View

Posted by Eric Penz

Jun 15, 2014 4:05:32 PM

He said, she said, I said, you said... pick your point of view. Many writers know all about first person, second person, third person limited and any number of other obscure point of view writing techniques. But point of view writing is much more than just knowing which pronoun to use and when. Truly skilled point of view writing is the cornerstone skill that holds the entire craft of fiction writing together at the seams. And when it comes to the thriller genre it could be said that thriller writing IS point of view writing.


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Writing as a Healing Agent

Posted by Richard Quis

Jun 6, 2014 4:41:00 PM

Guest post by Richard Quis. See previous post by Eric Penz: Where Does Your Muse Live?


Self-deception is a disease. Your beliefs are not necessarily facts. Telling yourself “I like how I think, I just don’t like my life” is one of the symptoms. Fortunately, you are not doomed. The disease is curable. Awareness is the first step. Once you are aware your beliefs may harbor myths, you need to understand what triggers the distorted thought…addictive cravings, forbidden desires, crippling needs, illegal indulgences… and then learn to use that trigger to initiate a different thought. Writing can be an antibiotic for distorted thinking. It clears the mind, provides access to our subconscious and soothes the soul.


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In Search of the Muse

Posted by Eric Penz

Jun 1, 2014 4:18:00 PM

A few weeks ago I posted my thoughts on the importance of an author understanding where their muse lives. I recently returned from an expedition of sorts in search of my own. A search, it seems, that never ends.


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