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A Weekend with My Muse

Posted by Eric Penz

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Sep 29, 2014 8:49:21 AM

When is the last time you spent a weekend with your muse?

I've written before about identifying where a writer's muse lives. For many authors, like myself, their muse is tied to a physical location(s). In order for them to really slip into that mental space where the words just flow they need to first slip into a physical space which inspires them.

For me, that physical space is related to the outdoors, to wild spaces. This past weekend I decided to spend a weekend with my muse and head out to Stehekin, WA. If ever there was a place where the muse lives, it is Stehekin.




Stehekin lies at the northern most end of Lake Chelan, a 50-mile lake which lies on the north eastern slopes of the Cascade mountain range. The area is accessible only by float plane or boat. Once there, you are completely off the grid. No cell service, internet, TV, cable... nothing. Which is why you'll find your muse alive and well living in this pristine valley.


Spend some quality time with your muse.

If your words seem to come in spurts, or not at all lately. Maybe you need to spend more quality time with your muse. Spend a weekend with your muse and see how quickly the words flow the week after.


Eric's muse has taken him into the back country of the rugged northwest corner of the lower 48 for much of his life. Stories such as Cryptid and Courage Between are what he has brought back with him. Escape from Eden is his latest epic. Due out winter 2015.

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