The Science

The New Science for a New Frontier

In an ever-shrinking world where everything from the tiniest of viruses to the largest of mammals has been catalogued, photographed, and even gene-mapped, it is becoming ever harder to discover new species. But it is being done and those engaged in the search are known as cryptozoologists. They participate in a new branch of science known as cryptozoology, or the search and study of animals of unexplained origin or unexplained occurrence in time or space (its European counterpart is known as fortean zoology). These true adventurers are exploreing one of the last frontiers, Terra Species Incognito. Here be monsters.


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Eric Penz

He earned an environmental biology degree from Eastern Washington University in 1995. Soon after he completed a literary program in commercial fiction at the University of Washington. He is also an alumni of The Film School. In 2012 he sold his insurance agency to begin a financial advisor practice and focus on his writing.  Read full bio...